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Minecraft Breakdown is a custom modded Minecraft PVP survival factions server having guns, planes, tanks and more!


1.0 release announced!

The open beta is about to end and the server will have its full release! During a downtime of one week, starting on 24. April 18, we will set up a new world and apply all those new features.
Players will be able to keep their items, money and respect. More info in-game at spawn!

1.0.0 development in progress

We're working hard on bringing the 1.0.0 update to you in a few weeks (very likely in MARCH).
This will include many new features such as missions, NPC enhancement, Flan's Mod improvements, auction, realistic armor, a client updater, better world generation and much much more! The patch will also come with a new map but no worries - players will be able to keep their money/respect and transfer items. Unfortunately bases need to be rebuilt.
Please keep in mind that we'll run some performance tests and updates before the launch that may bring short downtimes. Also the server will be inaccessible for a few days during the upgrade to 1.0.


Prepare for the big 0.3 update this weekend! It will bring a client update with new features and support for the new BATTLE ROYALE gamemode! What is BATTLE ROYALE? It's basically Battlegrounds in Minecraft with over 70 guns, a big map and cars, boats and more! With the release of BATTLE ROYALE there will be a big server event on SUNDAY (03.12.), 6 PM (CET EU TIME) with free ITEMS, MONEY, RANKS to win and to fight for!

0.2.0 Update!

After some struggle in the beginning of the open beta we now released the stable version with all known bugs fixed!
On top of that we added new features such as wilderness teleport, /kit, a rank system and a portable base radar item!
To play on the server you need to update your client mod.

Open beta in progress

The open beta started on tuesday! As expected there quickly were more players than the server could handle. Now we fixed most lags and crashes and a successful beta is going to start! The open beta will last for at least one month - it's not sure if there will be a downtime or reset afterwards. Have fun playing!

'A small beta changelog'

This is actually almost everything we changed for the beta. Have fun reading:

Teleport to players when they are dead.
Buy items at shop with special metadata (e.g. dye)("Lapis glitch").
Diamonds spawning in some regions.
No more hunger in safezone.
When unclaiming territory you can no longer isolate chunks.
Broken half-doors in cities.
Fixed some city generation aspects (will be built in every direction, no longer on oceans).
Inventory gets updated properly when combining magazines
Blocks under locked doors can no longer be blown up.
NPCs now always drop aditional ammo, from 0 to 3 magazines
NPCs with full auto weapons will have a higher rate of fire in close combat
The flamethrower now does damage as it should.
Improved weapon balancing, realistic accuracy and damage.
Melee weapons now work fine.
Fixed guns not shooting from vehicles, e.g tank MGs.
Armor will now be destroyed when reaching max damage.
Chests will no longer keep their codelock when they are replaced at the same position

Clientside Flan's Mod fixes in our custom Flan's Mod version:
A few crash fixes.
A lot of fixes that allow you to play singleplayer without problems
The apocalypse Survivors will be able to shoot again
Your gun will no longer shoot when you are holding it but have your inventory opened.
Melee weapons also work on singleplayer
Survivors now aim with their gun and are rendered at a larger distance, too.
The armor and medkit damage is no longer glitched, you can see the real durability.
Some display changes like height of killfeed and hiding of vehicle speed.
Links will be clickable with the Minecraft Breakdown Client
Glass will not become invisible when shot inside protection zone

/kickout to kick players out of your vehicle in safezone
Type in the codelock with number keys
New and better /msg and /tell
Combat mode, players are not able to teleport while in combat. If you get damaged you are set in combat for 10 seconds.
Auto ban for detected hackers (in the alpha admins were just informed).
Report system: /report reports a player and bans him instantly if he got detected cheating.
Client mod version control: You need the latest version of the Minecraft Breakdown Client to join the server.
Illegal mod detection kick: You can not join with certain mods such as SmartMoving, ZansMinimap, ...
Respawn menu screen and respawn timer
Android App with faction raid notifications and broadcasts.
/mute for admins
Support gui: Call in for ammo bags, airstrikes, ...
Shooting range at spawn.
Automatic AntiSpam system.
Client respawn screen help option.
Fuel stations with loot and NPCs next to roads.
Military compounds and airfields spawning randomly across the map, containing valuable military loot.
Over 30 new buildings for cities, some very rare ones.
Auto answer: The server will answer common questions.
Loot respawn: Loot respawns in generated buildings after 1-4 days.
NPC respawn: NPCs respawn when loot respawns.
Weapon crate gambling: Pay ingame money to unlock a crate and win a random (painted) weapon.
PROLOG GAME: When you spawn the first time you will have to fight some NPCs as a "warm up".
Welcome guide: After the prolog you will get some information about the server and how to play.
Respawn gear: Spawn with starter items when spawning in the wilderness, war zone or pvp arena.
Some NPCs are able to throw grenades in some situations.
PvP Arena: Big city where players can loot and fight NPCs and players. The only way out is one of two exit areas.
PvP Arena has a 1/10 chance to spawn chests with weapons and ammo
App support squad: Call support with the Android App when your base gets raided. 8 NPCs will drop with a chinook and kill enemies
Glass can be broken in the PVP arena but will respawn after restart

You can no longer teleport to a place if there is an enemy close nearby.
More enhancments of the anticheat system.
New modern grey gui design for all existing ingame GUIs
Website new overlay.
NPC larger activation radius when other NPCs get attacked.
Better faction base raid damage model: One C4 for multiple soft materials, 1 c4 for wood, 2 c4 for stone, 4 c4 for iron.
Locking iron doors: Iron doors will automatically open when they are unlocked, closed when they are locked.
Fired bullets are now handled server side. That means we can adjust accuracy settings and weapon balancing for players.
NPCs will no longer run out of ammo and look at their target like an idiot.
Codelocks will now drop when destroying its block
Iron doors will take 15 minutes to lockpick, chest 10 minutes and wooden doors 5 minutes.


Finally it's here! The beta will be released on Tuesday, 26.09.2017 - 5 PM CET (= 17:00 Central european time). The modpack will be available a few days earlier. If you are unsure when the release will be in your time zone, just try to join the server and you will see a nice countdown. See you on the server!

Beta development almost finished!

Back from my vacation I did a lot of work and the beta is almost ready for release now. Currently we're building the spawn and setting up the final features - so it won't take that long any more. We will give an exact date of release soon. Stay tuned and watch the dev videos on our > YouTube channel <

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