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Welcome to Minecraft Breakdown!

Minecraft Breakdown is a custom modded Minecraft PVP survival factions server having guns, planes, tanks and more!


Minecraft Breakdown offline for indefinite period

Dear players, we hope you enjoy playing Minecraft Breakdown!
Unfortunately we have bad news regarding our server:
Today our host shut down his current system and we had to move the server to a temporary host within a few hours. Sadly the world files got destroyed during the transfer and the the old server is already shut down. This is only one of multiple problems we are facing recently.
Due to our powerful host shutting down his current system, the corrupted map and the recent lack of donations we are not able to keep the server running at the moment.
As you know, running a powerful server that can handle our modpack is very expensive - and without a sponsor or donations we are not able to pay for it.
Also thanks to players abusing bugs and spreading too much money, people are too rich and we are no longer able to earn enough money from donations.
On top of that, progress for the 2.2 update is slow because we can't find any competent helpers like builders. Projects just never finish properly unless I do it myself - and I got a life too.

This is the plan for the future of Minecraft Breakdown:
- The server has shut down and you will no longer be able to play Minecraft Breakdown
- I will do my best finding a new host/sponsor
- At the same time we will work on the 2.2 update and a new map
- When we found a solution, Minecraft Breakdown will be back but your progress will be reset (WIPE)
- Our website will be online for status updates and the online shop will be expanded
- Since I am pretty busy with real life stuff this all might take a while

When will Minecraft Breakdown be back?
No idea. Maybe in 2 weeks - maybe never. This depends on your support and my progress finding a new host. However, if Minecraft Breakdown comes back we will bring you the biggest release ever and a guaranteed lag free experience!

How can I support Minecraft Breakdown?
- If you are good at building and tend to finish what you've started, contact us for building support
- If you want to donate, contact us to preorder ranks and in-game money

Please check our discord server for frequent updates!
Minecraft Breakdown is dead for an indefinite period

Anyways we wish you happy easter holiday and we really hope we will be back soon.


Welcome to Minecraft Breakdown on version 2.0! We proudly present a lot of new features, fixes and a new map. Check out the full changelog:

New respect system: RP (respect points) can be gained like respect but won't be lost. RP add up to Levels (1-100)
/f deposit now deposits money to a faction bank
New raiding system with faction power
Improved stingers: Slower missiles, better homing, less unrealistic behaviour
The auto lock/unlock button now remembers different vehicle/chest pins for the session
New weapon crate items, new probabilities
Vehicle balancing: Su25 now uses 20mm and bombs, F35 uses bombs, changed speed of missiles and shells, rebalanced GF missiles and shells
If you want to break your vehicle outside the safezone you need to wait 10-15 seconds
Decreased cargo size of vehicles to promote base building
Changed the codelock item texture
Completing tasks gives a lot of RP
/kit now gives a MP5
NPCs will share the position of their current target up to 50 blocks (depends on intelligence level)

/f deposit/withdraw money
Support tablet with new support options: NPC truce, NPC attack, Outpost finder
A respawn timer for spawning in faction base bed
Teleport delay when teleporting from enemy faction territory
Factories: A new method of making money
Variable respect reward on kills which depends on a lot of factors like killstreaks, previous kills and enemy level
Scrap dealer GUI, use one trader to sell all, hand or specific items
Special items trader replaced with base utilities trader selling more (base building) items
Sentry gun: Placed anywhere it targets enemy players and NPCs
One NPC Factory near spawn: Generates Charcoal at one certain spot inside the factory building which is protected by NPCs
A new GUI for modern planes and helicopters showing speed, (rel/abs) height, pitch, warnings
Helicopter gunner screen with IR view and zoom
A radar view added to modern air vehicles and anti air, showing other vehicles in different colors(inactive, in safezone, enemy, friendly, ...)
Pressing TAB shows the missing RP amount above the player list
2 new blocks: Bulletproof glass and Explosive resistant glass
/f demote
NPC AI intelligence level: Train your NPCs by giving them diamonds, smarter NPCs will be more accurate, have regeneration, more agressive better in spotting.
Daily join reward up to $1000 per day
/redeem all for people who donated between 1. May and 1. November 2018

Faction flags in air
Paradrop/Wilderness spawn costs money
Satellite support redone
Two dupe glitches fixed, removed itemframe fuctionality
Improved general performance
Planes rotating when placed
Auction items displayed incorrect
Removed helicopter blade hitbox, damage goes to the core
Added rotation to the heli when the tail is broken
NPC paratrooper call will call smarter NPCs that drop faster and more spread out

Get ready for Minecraft Breakdown 2.0!

After 6 amazing months of Minecraft Breakdown 1.0 it's now time to bring this server on the next level!
MINECRAFT BREAKDOWN 2.0 will be released on 1. December, bringing a HUGE list of awesome new game mechanics, features, fixes and concept changes!
A new level system, many new ways to make money, better base building and a new map are only a few of the upcoming changes. Until the release on 1. December we will work hard to implement and test those changes. The server will not be public during this time.
Stay tuned for a massive 2.0 release trailer and prepare for joining in December!


Minecraft Breakdown is becoming 1 year old this Saturday!
We want to thank you for that great time by starting a huge event on Saturday, 30. June!
You will be able to win 30 EURO REAL MONEY, RANKS, COUPONS AND A LOT OF ITEMS in drop parties and pvp events!
Make sure to join this Saturday and enjoy the biggest event we ever had!

-> 20:00 GERMANY & central europe
-> 14:00 US EAST
-> 11:00 US WEST

1.0 successfully released!

Welcome to Minecraft Breakdown on version 1.0! There are a lot of changes and new features the players are very happy about. Apart from some performance issues in the first days all in all the start was a great success! We're looking forward to keep the server updated and add new features! See you in-game!

Here is a list of all the big additions and changes that came with 1.0:
Missions: Random events near spawn to increase PVP action: Crate drops, ammo drops, BATTLE ROYALE events, NPC squads, crashed vehicles and more!
Modified version of Global Firestorm content pack adding a lot of new modern tanks, choppers and planes
Player tasks: Complete 100 different tasks for rewards and levels
Mod updater: The Breakdown Client now keeps track of your mods and content packs and installs updates automatically
Personal NPCs: Buy a spawn egg at the Special Items trader to spawn a NPC following you and protecting you and your base
Auction trader: Sell and buy items from other players
Improved plane physics: More realistic planes in terms of max speed, acceleration, climb speed, maneuverability...
Ammo finder trader: Sells all types of ammo, select a gun or vehicle to show its accepted ammo
Better NPC AI with a much better performance and more realistic behaviour (e.g. looking for cover, hiding, pushing, a higher rate of fire at close range and less accuracy)
New armor system: Added juggernaut, armor will be more protective but have less durability, balanced all armor items, headshots/leg shots/arm shots are calculated more realistic, armor defence shown in item lore
Customized lootable bodies mod: Lootable corpses are created when players die, despawning after a certain time
Reviving players: Players are able to click corpses with a med kit to have a chance to revive them (depending on death time)
Faction ally chat with #f
Send teleport request to allied players with /tpa
Bounty system - set a bounty on enemies with /bounty
BATTLE ROYALE hardcore mode without name tags, 3rd person and a quicker zone
Balanced vehicle combat: Modern vehicles have flares to countermesure AA missiles, vehicles have a chance to start burning after being hit, warn sound for damage or incoming missiles
Lockpicking vehicles, takes 15 minutes
More roads and cities are being generated, adding road marking, more and nicer crossroads and new buildings
Headshots displayed in the killfeed
Custom Minecraft Breakdown Resource Pack
New, customized main menu screen with instant join button, player count display, updater information and server news display
Low health screen and random effects when getting hit, e.g. confusion and blindness on headshots, slowness on leg shots
Bed respawn: Set a bed at your faction base and you can pick it as respawn point

New commands:
/f unclaimall: Unclaim the whole faction territory
/alts: Display players with the same IP address
/tasks: Display the current task
/r: Reply to the latest private message

Diamond armor can now be crafted
Hitboxes disabled (F3+b)
The Minecraft Breakdown Client Mod and the custom Flan's Mod files are required to join the server
New, more realistic recoil system
Weapon balancing: Buffed LMGs, nerfed attachments, ...
Respawn timer reduced to 10 seconds
New faction respect system. Every faction gets respect when members earn respect. You can only steal flags of lower factions. When a player leaves the faction, it looses the players respect.
/f info/ally now works with player names or by clicking the base flag
Other explosives will now damage soft blocks such as dirt on enemy faction territory
Improved the anti cheat system
Flags will now have a steal counter and require the enemies to have more faction respect than the target
Only two players with the same ip address will be able to join the server at once
/msg will now have smart tab completition (depending on who previously messaged you)
Balanced vehicles and planes in terms of ammo slots, bomb delays, hitboxes and health
Tanks can no longer be driven when the turret is broken
Vehicle guns now deal more damage
Vehicles now at least 30% cheaper and ordered by price
Vehicles can no longer be put inside the inventory of other vehicles
Other Stuff trader removed. All items can be found at the ammo trader and Modern Weapons trader.
NPCs' damage and accuracy now depending on player skill and experience

Spam kick when buying multiple items in shop
Glass breaking and popping back up at protected areas
Fixed the MP5k recoil
Gun rack fixed, no more item loss
Correct display of the safezone/base indicator at broders
Higher NPC render distance
Fixed pvp performance: Hits will now be checked properly
Fixed falling out of plane glitch
Survival teleport to players that are dead/in combat no longer possible
Don't show kick messages to players that try to join repeatingly
Wilderness teleport doesn't spawn you under water, will spawn a boat instead
Locking/unlocking iron trapdoors now work like iron doors
Combat icon having wrong tick rate
Vehicles and NPCs will now also create shots with visible tracers
Flaks not working
Chest refill fixed, chests will be refilled and NPCs respawned every 2-3 days

1.0 release announced!

The open beta is about to end and the server will have its full release! During a downtime of one week, starting on 24. April 18, we will set up a new world and apply all those new features.
Players will be able to keep their items, money and respect. The server will be officially released on 1.May 20:00 CEST (EU TIME)

1.0.0 development in progress

We're working hard on bringing the 1.0.0 update to you in a few weeks (very likely in MARCH).
This will include many new features such as missions, NPC enhancement, Flan's Mod improvements, auction, realistic armor, a client updater, better world generation and much much more! The patch will also come with a new map but no worries - players will be able to keep their money/respect and transfer items. Unfortunately bases need to be rebuilt.
Please keep in mind that we'll run some performance tests and updates before the launch that may bring short downtimes. Also the server will be inaccessible for a few days during the upgrade to 1.0.


Prepare for the big 0.3 update this weekend! It will bring a client update with new features and support for the new BATTLE ROYALE gamemode! What is BATTLE ROYALE? It's basically Battlegrounds in Minecraft with over 70 guns, a big map and cars, boats and more! With the release of BATTLE ROYALE there will be a big server event on SUNDAY (03.12.), 6 PM (CET EU TIME) with free ITEMS, MONEY, RANKS to win and to fight for!

0.2.0 Update!

After some struggle in the beginning of the open beta we now released the stable version with all known bugs fixed!
On top of that we added new features such as wilderness teleport, /kit, a rank system and a portable base radar item!
To play on the server you need to update your client mod.

Open beta in progress

The open beta started on tuesday! As expected there quickly were more players than the server could handle. Now we fixed most lags and crashes and a successful beta is going to start! The open beta will last for at least one month - it's not sure if there will be a downtime or reset afterwards. Have fun playing!

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