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Idea for faction raiding addons/changes
#126.02.2018 01:05

Idea for faction raiding addons/changes

So everyone knows how to raid a faction, pretty simple right? Go in, kill everyone (if they are online), break their flag, and gg if they don't have an outpost and they live pretty far away. However, a poll caught my attention which was are faction raids to easy. I also was watching some HCF vids on another server and that's when I got some ideas.

1. Instead of automatically being able to break their flag, a new system will be placed:
#226.02.2018 01:27

RE: Idea for faction raiding addons/changes

Oops accidentally hit entered

1a. A "Point" system will be placed (no name yet)
1b. Every fac starts out with a couple points. Every time a fac member dies they lose a point, when it reaches 0, their flag is open to be stolen
1c. The points will regain over time, similar to the power system on regular factions, with a cap limit
1d. This will also help against the problem of people spamming the warzone respawn and getting infinite pistols since they would have to be more careful about deaths.

2. A spawn protection will be put when you tp to your flag to prevent spawn camp
2a. You will get like 5 seconds
2c. You will instantly lose it if you shoot a bullet, grenade, or punch

3. When your flag is stolen, the claim basically no longer works (still is present) but the locked chests will remain. Aka anyone can build or destroy except locked chests (no other locked things)

4. Stone and other simple blocks will require half as many c4's to break through, encouraging the use of stronger materials rather than a dense cobblestone wall

5. Water will not prevent any type of explosion

6. B-52 bomber and other supports will inflict damage to the blocks inside claims

Problems and Solutions:

P. What if anyone in the fac disbands and recreate their fac to recover their "Points?
S. If your fac points are under say 3, there will be a timer before any of your fac can join or leave

P. What if a player keeps dying on purpose to bring down our "Points"?
S. Betraying is allowed soooooo eh deal with it

P. How about bigger factions with more members?
S. For each new person that joins a fac, the fac gains 0.5 points and 1 point towards their limit, they will lose 0.5 points and 1 point towards their limit if a player leaves. (If they leave and the fac becomes vulnerable that falls under Betraying)

S.Thanks for your detailed input

Thanks for reading

P.S. I will be responding to comments and add if there are more ideas/Problems and Solutions. And Blood theres still no edit button
#326.02.2018 01:29

RE: Idea for faction raiding addons/changes

Under the first P/S. I meant to say before they can join or create not join or leave

P. What if the faction creates a huge barrier around the flag
S. Just have it so it requires a 3 x 3 space around it
#401.04.2018 18:37

RE: Idea for faction raiding addons/changes

Thanks for your suggestions. Some comments:

1. The flag will have a 15 minute timer to break. In terms of the "point" system, a much easier and pretty similar way would be using the collective respect of all members as "points". I will probably do that.
2. Not sure if that's a good idea. I was thinking about adding a personal bed spawn point for each player, so everyone can place a bed at the faction position and then use /f bed or /f spawn. So there are more ways to tp to the faction.
3. That would be too op and once your flag is stolen you will have no chance to save your base. I will keep the system where the territory and the chests get unlocked after 5 days.
4. Done
5. Water never helped against C4
6. Other explosives now deal normal damage to blocks like dirt or sand. Unfortunately, since e.g. grenades would do way to much damage to materials like stone and it's not really possible to change that while the explosion is happening, C4 will stay the only tool to destroy stone, etc.

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