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Plane crashes
#104.12.2017 19:26

Plane crashes

Dear Blood..
So I have a couple problems here,
I love the planes from flans mod and really like flying them around the map to kill npc / players.
But lately I have been experiencing some issues with them that actually costed me a lot of in game cash..
Mostly when I am flying around the map to find a raid/ village or anything I very often experience lag that gets me flicked out of the plane or something,
this is not a very big problem in my opinion since you can just fly slower to prevent it from happening.
But what I think is a problem is when I was flying around spawn to try motivate people on the server to also use vehicles in combat etc I just crashed my wing into a building but normally it would just be like a scratch that only takes 2% of the wing health but no the plane randomly exploded (i was using the Su-25)
At first i did not realize that it exploded since some peeps were around me and could have sold it (that was not the case since they were ally's I team up with very often so it means that my plane just exploded rip 13k i think) then the second time I was also randomly shooting peeps at spawn and this time no one was around me and I just caressed the ground with my stomach and the plane EXPLODED AGAIN (This time I was flying a F22 raptor)
I lost over 30k to this and that kinda sucks because it would be very fun if more people actually use their vehicles for what they are designed for.

So I would like you to maybe kinda fix this is one way or another and if there is a slim chance refund my planes :/
much love,

I am now purchasing a third plane which I wont use in spawn until that thing is fixed or something.
(just in case you did not notice I have done purchases in the store so please don't skip me)
#206.12.2017 11:20

RE: Plane crashes

the glitch with disappearing planes has always existed. It's a Flan's Mod bug or maybe even a Minecraft 1.8 bug which I tried fixing already. It only happens when flying into an unloaded part of the world - meaning being too fast or the server/connection too slow.
The damage to planes when crashing has also been increased to make it "more realistic", I'll see what I can do to change that. At the moment you just need to be careful and try not to hit anything - like real jets^^
#306.12.2017 19:13

RE: Plane crashes

I understand that you want to make the server more realistic but I don't instantly explode when I hit a leave outside spawn.. but inside spawn I do, that was the thing I am trying to say. It would be way more fun if we could see more airplanes, any vehicles in the war zone but because the risk is too high of exploding / losing your vehicles so easily, no one is using them at spawn :/
I also try to not hit anything and I got to admit I am pretty good at flying helicopters and jets BUT not hitting something when landing or flying into new chunks is pretty much impossible.
I definitely appreciate your work in the server so I am just hoping that you could ever do something about it,
#407.12.2017 01:13

RE: Plane crashes

Just don't fly jets.
#507.12.2017 16:06

RE: Plane crashes

Toxic Pigster,
If I should not fly jets then why is it implemented in the game/ shop?
I don't think your reaction brings any solution to my problem,suggestion.
Please consider taking a better look at the post and answering a little more appropriate :)
Thank you in advance.