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Purchase app access

Thanks for your interest in increasing your base protection and supporting the server! Our payment system works completely automatically so you get your access within seconds after payment. That's why we only accept PayPal as payment method at the moment.

How to purchase the app access

1. Make sure you have access to a PayPal account with enough money on it
2. Fill out the form below
3. Click the 'Checkout' button and log in to your PayPal account
4. Press 'Continue' to complete the purchase. At this point will be charged and the app access will be granted
5. Follow the instructions to download and log in to the app

Important information

  • The Minecraft player account given will be saved as the owner of this app access. That means after the app is activated in-game you will be able to change your player name
  • The app access is not transferable or refundable. This means it's bound to the player account and will not be given to another account - even if the player is no longer able to log in to the server (e.g. because he forgot his password or got banned)
  • Owning the access does not change the rights of the player in terms of rules. That means the player will e.g. still be banned for using cheats
  • While a player is banned he won't be able to log in to the app. That also means a player will lose his app access if he gets banned permanently
  • Any disrespect of rules via the app (e.g. chat spam) will be treated like if the player was online (e.g. mute or ban)
  • We reserve the right to shut down the app's functionality, restrict players from it, change/remove features or shut down the server without giving a refund to people who bought the access at any time
  • We can't guarantee that the app is working on your device. If we're not able to fix it we reserve the right to not give a refund in some cases
  • This app does not disrespect the Mojang Eula since you don't gain direct in-game advantages by buying the app access. Furthermore it's meant to keep players playing and support the server financially
  • The app is not available in the Google PlayStore to minimize its price. You will have to install it manually (very simple with only a few clicks needed)
  • Purchase now

    After this player activates the app in-game the app will be bound to the player's UUID.

    You will receive a confirmation and instructions to activate the app.

    EUR 1.50
    USD ~1.80